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4 Ways to Protect your Home or Business by Boarding it Up

Boarding up a broken window in your home or business protects it in four essential ways:


  1. Safeguards Contents

Whether it’s a retail store’s inventory, office building’s digital assets, or homeowners valued possessions, an emergency board up protects the contents inside. Without creating a firm barrier from a window board up, items inside a home or business are vulnerable to weather and theft. Don’t risk letting valuables get damaged or stolen as a result of a broken window. Safeguard your belongings or assets to protect their value.


  1. Keeps Weather Out

In the summer a professional board up keeps hot air and rain out and in the winter a board up keeps cold wind and snow out. DIYers often use plastic film or cardboard to cover a broken window, but these are poor ways to try to keep the weather at bay. The professional grade plywood that board up companies use is the best way to keep weather out after an accident or act of vandalism.


  1. Protects Against Intruders

A sturdy barrier between the inside and outside is essential for keeping intruders out of occupied or unoccupied buildings. For homes where people are living and businesses where employees are at work, an emergency board up allows life for family members and employees to continue as usual. In abandoned homes or vacant commercial buildings, a professional board up keeps animals and vagrants out. When replacement glass needs to be ordered to fix a broken window or door, a board up can serve as a temporary solution to protect against intruders of all sorts.


  1. Reduces Liability

If someone gets injured on your residential or commercial property, you’re liable. Taking the precaution of boarding up broken windows or doors reduces liability by keeping intruders out and reducing the likelihood of falls or other injuries. 


If you need a residential board up service or commercial board up specialist, give our emergency board up experts a call today! We’ll protect your home or business day or night.

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