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A Storefront Owner's Guide to Recovering After Vandalism

There are three important phases to recovery after vandalism for business owners: damage cleanup, storefront glass repair, and future vandalism prevention.


Graffiti is an easier kind of vandalism to clean up than shattered windows or broken glass doors. However, all forms of vandalism require that business owners bring in professionals to clean up the mess. A glass repair company can clean up broken storefront glass panes and remove any damaged frames while boarding up damaged storefront windows and doors for safe operation. If glass shelving or merchandise cases inside the store are damaged, those will need to be cleaned up as well.

After the cleanup, you’ll be able to get back to business while further repair work occurs. In the interim, windows and doors will be boarded up. A professional storefront board up ensures that customers and employees are protected from harsh weather, animals, and insects. An emergency board up also protects store inventory and other assets, reducing costs associated with the act of vandalism.


Once the correct size/shape/color/style of glass is ordered or located, the storefront glass repair work can begin. A professional glass company will work with you to get the commercial glass repair work done on a time schedule that suits your needs. The new glass panes will be installed right the first time to avoid further issues down the road with the fit or seals.

Vandalism Prevention

After an act of vandalism, many store owners aim to prevent future incidents by taking the steps needed to deter thieves and vagrants from targeting their storefront again. Often, they will install security cameras, glass break sensors, interior motion detectors, and/or pay for professional monitoring to catch criminals in the act. These measures can both reduce the likelihood of vandalism and provide the evidence needed to prosecute if vandalism occurs again.

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