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Can Double-Pane Windows Be Repaired?

Depending on the nature of the damage, a broken double-pane window can likely be repaired. Repairing a double-paned window is cheaper than replacing it, which is why many homeowners prefer to go in this direction. Find out more about how double-paned windows can be fixed:

Cracks and Breaks

It’s uncommon that a damaged double pane windows will have only one broken pane after being hit with a flying object like a bird or ball. Typically, the panes shatter together when struck by a large object. However, a crack can occur in an individual pane due to differences in the interior and exterior temperature or pressure. When a double-paned window is cracked, one of the two panes can typically be replaced to save on the overall cost of the double-paned window repair. If the crack isn’t fixed, moisture can seep in, resulting in unsightly window condensation.

Moisture and Condensation

If your double pane window looks cloudy or foggy, water is getting between the panes. Moisture can creep in from a crack, broken seal, or damaged frame. The moisture then creates condensation, which can affect visibility, making the window more difficult to see through from the inside or outside. A professional glass company can either replace the broken pane or vacuum out the moisture and reseal the double-paned window to keep it looking clear. These techniques are used by professional glass companies to reduce the cost for their customers while delivering a finished product that looks good as new.

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