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Can My Store Stay Open with a Broken Window?

Yes, a business can stay open with a broken storefront window.

For a store owner, a broken store window is cause for a serious headache. No matter how the storefront glass broke, it will need to be cleaned up and secured to prevent injury to employees and customers. But after the broken glass cleanup is done, there is more work to be attended to by a professional glass company. The store window will need an emergency board up to allow the business to operate normally.  A commercial board up will keep the store a comfortable temperature, protect inventory inside, and ensure that shoppers can make their purchases as planned, eliminating the need for any downtime.

When the right glass has been located to replace the broken storefront pane, it will be inserted in place of the temporary board up materials. Once the storefront glass installation is done, no one will be able to tell that the glass was ever broken in the first place.

Let a local commercial glass company get your store back up and running in no time!

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