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Can My Window be Repaired or Does it Need to Be Replaced?

Repairing windows is an eco-friendly and budget-conscious choice compared to replacing them, which is why many homeowners prefer it. However, there are some instances when window repair isn’t an option. So, let’s review some common window problems and take a look at whether it makes sense to repair or replace your windows if you’re experiencing the same issues at your home or business.


Water leaking around windows is usually due to failing window seals. When water backups up due to blocked gutters, prolonged heavy rain, or any other reason, old or cracked window seals may allow water to come inside. In this case, there’s likely nothing wrong with the windows themselves, which means that they won’t need to be replaced. Instead, water can be removed and dried up thoroughly, before fixing window seals to keep further damage from occurring. However, if water is coming in through a crack in a window, it probably needs to be replaced.


In the same way that water can get in, air can enter through window seals as well. The result is draftiness, which can allow cold air inside in the winter and hot air in the summer, increasing home heating and cooling costs. Sealing drafty windows doesn’t require replacing them unless drafts are a result of failing window sashes and frames like you might see with vinyl windows or on older homes with aluminum frames.


Cloudy or foggy windows typically occurs within double paned glass from condensation between panes. Broken seals or small cracks can let small amounts of water in that can warm up with sunlight, causing an ongoing foggy appearance. In many cases, moisture can be removed, and the double-paned windows resealed to improve visibility. However, some modern double or triple paned insulated windows are sealed in a way that makes this approach impossible, necessitating a window replacement.


Fixing a broken window usually requires a window replacement to ensure that optimal visibility is achieved. Getting a broken window fixed immediately is important to ensure that no one will be injured on the glass and that further damage won’t occur to other nearby panes or the window frame as well. This is especially important for large panes of glass (like high-rise window glass or hanging glass canopy pieces), that can become a serious fall hazard if the break has destabilized the pane.


Wooden framed windows are notorious for sticking due to the wood swelling after temperature or humidity changes. While this problem may be temporary, older trouble windows are often worth replacing to avoid future issues. While they may not be broken, improving day-to-day functionality is typically reason enough to get windows replaced.

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