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DIY Glass Board Up Tips

When a home or business window breaks, many people wonder if they can cover it up themselves. However, a DIY glass window board up is harder than it sounds. Aside from the dangers of cleaning up broken glass and removing fragments stuck in the frame, the window board up process itself is tricky. Having the right materials and tools is essential for to do an effective window board up job. Using a tarp or plastic film is usually the first choice for a DIY board up project because it’s cheap and readily available. However, plastic leaks, and won’t stand up against strong weather like wind, heavy rain, hail, and snow. Others choose to use cardboard, but this is even less durable because it can get waterlogged and wick water into the window frame, resulting in costly water damage.

Instead of using flimsy materials, high quality exterior-rated plywood should be used to board up a window. When a window is properly boarded up, it will keep out: weather, insects, animals, debris, and undesirable air temperatures (cold in the winter and hot in the summer). Heavy-duty hardware should be used to stabilize boards so that they won’t fall out and result in an injury.

Call a professional glass board up company to get the job done right the first time!

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