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Finding a Company to do High-Rise Glass Repair Work

High-rise glass repair work can’t be done by just any local glass business. Instead, a commercial glass company must be used. Working with commercial glass repair experts is essential because they have:

Higher Insurance Amounts

Many corporate office buildings, hotels, condos, and other high-rise buildings have insurance threshold requirements that residential glass companies simply cannot meet. The owners and managers of these buildings need to ensure that anyone working inside of them (movers, cleaners, electricians, etc.) has substantial coverage in case of an incident. Commercial glass companies should be able to provide proof of their insurance coverage information upon request.

Note: Residential glass companies can carry larger insurance policies as well. However, commercial glass replacement companies must have sufficient insurance for the work they are doing, so there is a bit less screening involved when researching them.

The Right Tools and Equipment

Commercial glass work requires specialized tools and equipment, like scaffolding, scissor lifts, cranes, and forklifts. This type of heavy equipment isn’t typically needed for residential work, which means that smaller glass businesses may not own them or have easy access to them. Glass companies that do high-rise work already have the right tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently, which typically makes their response times and completion times quickly.

Beneficial Connections

For special projects, experienced glass companies may need to bring in supplemental equipment or partner with other business services providers. For example, in the case of a flood in a high-rise building, water pump out, mold remediation, emergency board up, and glass replacement services may all be needed. Using a commercial glass company increases the likelihood that they will have other professional connections that they can call on to assist in the comprehensive clean up and restoration process. Lean on your local commercial glass company to help recommend other businesses to serve all your repair needs seamlessly.

More Experience

While professional glass companies that primarily do residential work may have a lot of experience in that area, they may not have the type of experience that’s needed for effective commercial work. B2B glass repair companies know how to work with other businesses, making the process faster and easier.