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High-Rise Window Fixes – Repair or Replacement?

Business owners and property managers are always looking for ways to save money on maintenance costs, which means that they usually prefer to repair high-rise windows instead of replacing the high-rise windows. Due to the nature of inspecting and fixing high rise windows, a professional glass repair company will likely have to inspect the damage and advise on the proper solution.

high-rise window repair can usually be performed when the glass itself is intact, but the frame or canopy supports have been damaged. Similarly, if the glass is fogged or leaking along the seals, a commercial glass repair company can likely reverse the failure with professional-grade tools.

high-rise window replacement is almost always necessary when the glass is cracked or broken. However, in some cases, a glass replacement on a high-rise building may also be required if the original windows were installed incorrectly, irreversibly damaging the windows. Similarly, if existing windows were of poor quality, they may suffer from manufacturer defects or other issues, indicating that they should be replaced. 

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