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How are Windows Repaired?

Window repair companies pride themselves on being able to repair and replace windows of all sizes for both residential and commercial glass applications. But how is window repair done? It depends on the type of window and the problem. The most common window repairs that we see are:

When a double pane window breaks, it’s usually not a through-and-through break. Typically, one pane will crack due to changes in outdoor temperature or pressure. In this case, the fix is to replace the broken pane to avoid fogging between the panes (or remove it if it has already occurred).

However, if a double pane window looks foggy but does not have any visible cracks, the glass may not be broken. Instead, the seal could be broken, allowing moisture in between the panes that is resulting in condensation, clouding or fogging up the glass. If your double pane windows are difficult to see out of, call a glass repair company to assess what the issue is and recommend a repair strategy.

Storefronts that have been damaged by vandalism or accidents need to be repaired right away to allow the company to get back to business as usual. These fixes almost always involve full storefront window replacement due the nature of the damage. When a thief smashes a window or a car crashes through a storefront, there is no way to repair the damage. Instead, the glass in the affected window(s) needs to be swapped out and the mess cleaned up as quickly as possible. In some cases, the window frames may also need to be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage. A glass professional will safely remove any broken glass that is still in the frame, clean up the debris, and get a new pane of glass set in place and effectively sealed to prevent future issues.

Call a commercial glass repair company immediately for emergency storefront glass repair day or night! The local glass company will do a storefront board up until the right size glass can be found or ordered and delivered. A storefront glass repair company understands the unique demands that business owners need to take into consideration and will work with them to find a solution that will minimize the disturbance to the business.

Custom glass table tops are often hard to replace, which means that a glass repair company will likely try to fix it before looking for a replacement piece of glass. Smaller cracks can usually be sealed to fix a glass tabletop on a budget. A top-rated glass company should give you information on whether the table can be fixed, and what to expect when the glass tabletop repair work is done.

However, if new tabletop glass is needed, a custom glass company may need to be used to find the right look for the table, especially if it is a vintage piece. With so many glass variations (color, shape, thickness, clarity, durability, cut design, etc.), a slightly different style may need to be used to restore the table. A professional glass expert can work with you to determine your options to get your glass table replaced.

French doors, sliding glass doors, glass office doors, and storefront glass doors can all break, causing a huge headache for the owner. In most cases, the glass pane will need to be replaced instead of repaired to ensure safe use of the door. In the meantime, however, it is not safe to use the door because the movement required to open and close it can break the door further, putting the user in danger. Homeowners may find this inconvenient, but business owners may find that a broken glass door completely shuts down their business until it can be fixed.

If you have a broken storefront door, get a local glass company out to repair it and clean up any mess that has resulted immediately. This type of emergency glass board up and repair is of paramount importance to your business!

If you are a homeowner looking for an affordable glass repair company, look locally to get an experienced glass repair professional out to recommend the best fix for your specific door. This is an opportunity to change or upgrade the look of the glass or style of the door instead of simply reordering a replacement glass door for what you already had. It’s more cost effective to make this type of change when you already need to have the glass replaced than it is to do so later on.

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