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How to Find the Best Company for a Storefront Door Repair

If your storefront door is broken, you need to find a glass repair company that can get it fixed immediately. But how do you find a glass company that can get the job done quickly for an affordable price? Use these tips:

Talk to Your Insurance Company

broken storefront door is definitely reason to reach out to your insurance provider. Filing a claim after an accident or act of storefront vandalism requires business owners to provide their insurance company. But don’t just give your insurance provider what they’re asking for. Instead, ask them for some items in return. See if they’ll provide you with a list of local glass repair companies to contact. They may have a preferred provider list that you can consult. Don’t forget that you can always use your own company as well if you don’t like their suggestions (or if the list they provide is too limited).

Ask Contacts for Recommendations

Ask your professional and personal connections for glass company recommendations. It’s possible that a landlord, neighboring business, or fellow business owner has also dealt a broken storefront glass door, giving them the experience needed to make an informed recommendation. You can also ask friends and acquaintances on social media for recommendations. While this may provide some unqualified leads, it will likely give you a good base of companies to call as you search for someone to fix your storefront door. These are all good places to ask for recommendations:

  • Neighboring businesses
  • Industry forums
  • Service referral websites
  • Local business groups
  • Facebook
  • Citywide business directories

Search Online

Looking online should turn up a list of local glass repair companies. If the results you get searching for something like “storefront door repair” or “storefront glass repair” are too numerous, try narrowing your search by including your zip code, city, region, or neighborhood. These will help to filter out companies that are further away, whittling away at the pool of possible service providers.

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