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How to Fix a Broken Patio Door

Repairing or replacing a patio door is not traditionally a DIY project. The size of the glass door and skill level needed to complete the fix makes it a very challenging task. Unlike repairing or replacing a window, a patio door needs to be secured appropriately and also able to slide correctly. Without both of those elements, the door will not be functional, and risks breaking again (or worse yet, falling out). Like any other large moving object in your home, like a garage door, a destabilized patio door poses a serious hazard to residents and pets.

Fixing a stuck or cracked patio door right the first time requires the expertise of a professional glass company. If the patio door has been shattered as a result of an accident, natural disaster, break0in, or act of vandalism, a local glass company can clean up the mess and then replace the patio door glass quickly. Do not attempt this kind of dangerous home project yourself.