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How to Fix a Single Pane Slider Glass Window

Fixing the glass on a slider door is a complicated process, even for professionals. If your sliding glass door is broken, hire a professional glass repair company to do the job for you. In the long run you’ll end up saving money and tons of time by using a professional. The sliding portion of the door is especially difficult to replace, however both panes of glass have their challenges.

Chips, cracks, fogging, and loose panes are all reasons to hire a glass repair company to fix your broken sliding glass door. A broken slider door leads to heating and cooling waste, can allow water to enter your home, and poses a safety risk to residents.

Ask the glass experts you’re using to do the sliding glass door replacement for options. They can talk to you about whether it makes sense to choose a single pane, double pane, or tempered glass pane. Single glass panes are the most cost-effective, making them a common choice for budget-conscious consumers. Double pane glass is more expensive, but it provides added efficiency that offsets the cost (potentially paying for itself in the long-run). Tempered glass is the most expensive option, but it’s also the most durable, which is something that customers with doors that need to meet the demands of rigorous use prefer. 

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