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How to Get the Fog Out of a Window

Double pane windows look foggy when moisture gets in between the panes. The moisture causes condensation that fogs or clouds up the window, obstructing the view. Water can enter due to a crack in the window or broken seal on the panes. Unfortunately, once moisture gets into double pane windows, it really can’t get out by itself. Sometimes it can dry up a bit, but it will never be entirely gone. Over time, it can allow mold and bacteria to grow between the windowpanes and along the frame.

If the seal is broken, a professional glass company can remove the moisture by using a special tool to suck it out, and then fix the seal. Once the window is resealed, it can be returned to the frame without the worry of fogging coming back any time soon.

If the window is cracked, the broken pane will need to be replaced. During the window glass replacement, the area between the panes will be cleaned out and then the new window will be installed. The result is a fully functional window at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window. Having a local glass repair company look at the window will give you a sense of what kind of fix may be possible for your specific window. If your window is a custom size or shape, it may need to be ordered before the window repair work can be performed.

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