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How to Replace a Pane of Glass in a Window

If your window is broken, you may be tempted to try the window replacement on your own. However, we always caution against DIY window repair because of the danger involved. It’s easy to get cut on broken window pieces or to have the glass pane fall on you while removing the old window and installing the new one. Furthermore, if the window is located on a second or third floor, there is a danger that it could fall on a passerby below, especially a child or pet that may be playing nearby unaware of the repair work going on above. However, if you have to replace a glass window yourself, use these steps to make the job as safe as possible:

  1. Clean up any Debris

If the window has shattered, start by cleaning up glass pieces on the floor to avoid getting cut or slipping and falling on debris. There will be more to clean up later, but you do not want to start the job walking on glass shards or placing a step stool on broken glass.

  1. Tape Off the Window

If the window is cracked but all the pieces are still in place, tape over them using heavy duty tape (like packing tape or duct tape) to keep the pieces together while you remove the window.

  1. Remove the Window

Separate the window from the frame using tools and gently remove the window being careful not to damage the sash or apron in the process. Set the window pane down on the floor or ground laying it flat to avoid it falling over and breaking any further.

  1. Check the Frame

Depending on the type of damage that caused the break, the window frame may have been damaged as well. Trying to place a new window in a bent or broken frame will not only be difficult, but also make the window unstable, causing a dangerous situation. If it’s an older house, the frame may have water damage that has led to rotting. Window frame repair work is best done by an experienced glass company. So, if you see any damage, stop and call a local glass company right away.

  1. Replace the Window

Place the new window in the frame and check the fit. Windows are finicky, so sometimes a window that has the right technical dimensions still needs help fitting into the frame. Use shims when necessary to ensure a nice tight fit. If you experience any issues, don’t force it. A nearby glass business can help you get the new window installed in no time!

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