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How to Stop a Leaking Roof

leaking roof is usually the result of storm damage or aging roofing materials. Damaged roofs and old roofs alike will need to have broken, missing, or failing components replaced. However, while a roof is actively leaking the water influx needs to be stopped before repair work can be done. Temporary fixes like roof patches and roof sealants can temporarily stop the water if the surface is dry, but they tend not to work well on wet surfaces. Additionally, they only cover small areas, which isn’t an effective strategy when you don’t know where the water is coming from precisely.

A better option is to use a roof tarp to cover the entire area until the storm has passed. Afterwards, it can be removed to allow for a thorough repair. While home improvement stores typically carry tarps, for all sorts of leisure projects, board up companies have larger, heavier-gauge tarps specifically meant for emergency roof tarping purposes. 

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