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Is There Any Way to Repair a Cracked Window?

Window cracks can come in all different shapes and sizes. And trust us, as a glass repair company, we’ve seen it all!

Cracks can occur as a result of a manufacturer defect in the glass or frame that weakens the window over time, making it more prone to cracking as a result of regular environmental factors. In window cracks in old homes can also occur as the house settles or window frames and sashes start to sag. Additionally, cracks can be the result of an accident (like a bird or baseball crashing into it) or nefarious act (like vandalism). The size and location of the window will determine if it can be repaired.

Cracks in the seal of a window can allow moisture through, resulting in condensation appearing on the window. In the spring this can manifest as dampness on the interior surface of the window and in the winter, it can even allow ice to develop inside your windows.

Cracked seals are especially common with double pane windows. These types of cracks can often be sealed to prevent damage to the window itself and the frame. Sealing these cracks can also stop drafts from entering your home. However, if the crack is through the window pane itself, it will need to be replaced.

A cracked window is not just unsightly, it is also dangerous. The crack can destabilize the pane, making it more likely to break during opening and closing as well as more likely to fall out. If the window is accessible by children or pets, or if it is located on an upper level of your home, it should be addressed right away. Taping over the crack can help to temporarily reduce the risk of cuts or further breaking while you wait for a glass repair specialist to come out and fix the window.

If the broken window in question is a cracked double pane window, the single pane that is cracked can likely be replaced instead of having to replace the whole window. Fixing the one broken pane is a cost-effective window repair solution that will eliminate window fogging and ensure it’s safe for people inside and outside your home.

When the cracked window is large or a custom size (like in the case of french doors, sliding glass doors, bay windows, or floor-to-ceiling windows), you may have to wait until specialized glass can be ordered before it is fixed. In the meantime, your glass repair company may suggest a window board up to keep the area safe. An emergency window board up not only ensures no one will be hurt on your residential or commercial property, but also that wind, weather, and insects will be kept out while the window is awaiting replacement. The window will not be functional in the interim – it is just a temporary fix until new glass can be delivered and installed.

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