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The 5 Most Common Reasons for an Emergency Business Board Up

Every day we board up businesses in and around the Chicago area. So, we’ve seen it all!

If you’ve ever seen a business window boarded up or a storefront glass door boarded up, and wondered what happened, you’ve come to the right place. (And, if you’re a business owner who needs a business boarded up and wants to know you’re not alone, you’ve come to the right place too!)

These are the most common reasons why a business might need an emergency storefront board up:

  1. Accident

It may surprise you to learn that the most common reason storefronts need to be boarded up isn’t vandalism, or some other shocking reason. It’s usually just as a result of an accident. We’ve seen cars, baseballs, and even deer go through storefront glass windows and doors. If it can crash, it can go through a window and cause serious damage!

Accidents can also occur as a result of normal business operations. Ladders, paint cans, product displays, and other items can fall over or be dropped causing a broken storefront window. Whether a service provider is to blame or not, you’ll likely still be stuck trying to find your own glass repair company if someone breaks your window for any reason. After an accident, your first priority should be getting your storefront window boarded up and fixed quickly so you can return to normal operations.

  1. Fire

Even small fires can cause serious damage. If your business has experienced a fire, having the storefront windows boarded up is essential for keeping weather and people out. Boarding up windows lets the fire restoration company work hard to return your business to its pre-disaster state. After the structural integrity of the business is confirmed, window frames can be repaired, and new windows can be installed.

  1. Flood

Much like fire, water can do serious damage – even in small quantities. Whether it’s a leaking or burst pipe, overflowing toilet, or storm water flooding, a window board up can protect a business once windows have been damaged. In a flood situation, windows are sometimes the last thing on a business owner’s mind. However, an emergency storefront board up protects the business from additional risk and damage while water is pumped out and dried up. As damaged walls and other items are fixed, affected windows can be replaced as well.

  1. Vandalism

Vandalism is a much less common occurrence than many people realize. But when it does occur, getting the vandalism damage cleaned up and fixed immediately helps to put the traumatic situation behind you. Getting rid of the evidence of vandalism (broken glass, graffiti, etc.) by boarding up a broken storefront window and getting a replacement window ordered encourages customers to keep patronizing your business without scaring them off.

  1. Weather

Extreme hot and cold temperatures are hard on windows, especially older storefront windows. Temperature swings can crack glass and adverse weather like hail and lightning strikes can break windows. If poor weather has done unexpected damage to storefront windows, an urgent business board up will cover over where the broken window was before it was removed.

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