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The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Replacing old windows has lots of benefits. Some homeowners choose to wait until their older windows have broken before replacing them, while other choose to proactively swap them out more feature-rich windows.


New windows should never leak if they’re installed correctly. If your old windows are leaking, they likely need to be repaired or replaced. Leaking window seals can allow water to get into window frames, rotting them from the inside and allow mold growth to occur. Rot causes destabilized windows, which can come loose and even fall out. Mold growth in a home is very serious and can spread quickly, leading to respiratory issues for your family. Before further damage occurs, get your windows replaced or repaired as soon as you notice leaks.

While it may be cheaper initially to only get leaking windows fixed individually, getting them all repaired or replaced at once is typically more economical in the long-run. Glass repair companies usually offer discounts on bulk window orders, and only having to pay a single trip charge can add up to substantial savings compared to having to pay a glass repair company to come out every time another window needs to be fixed. If your windows are failing because of old age, the chances of more windows needing attention in the future is high.

Energy Efficiency

Older windows aren’t as energy-efficient – allowing drafts in and UV rays to penetrate the glass, driving up home heating bills in the winter and home cooling bills in the summer. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows will make your home more pleasant and reduce home energy costs year-round. That’s reason enough for many homeowners to invest in replacing windows. If you’ve just bought an older house, this whole-home work can likely be done before you even move in to maximize convenience.


Really old windows can ripple, bubble, or warp due to the fluid-like nature of glass. When this happens, it becomes hard to see into or out of windows. However, most homeowners replacing windows for aesthetic reasons are doing so because their old windows are just ugly. Replacing unsightly windows with clean, new, pristine windows is a great way to improve the look of your home. Nice new windows add a fresh look to both the interior and exterior of your home.


Window fogging happens when double-paned windows begin allowing moisture between the panes, allowing condensation. This can occur from a crack in the pane, or a broken window seal. If just one window is fogged up, it’s likely due to damage from an accident or severe weather. However, if many or all your home windows are foggy, the seals have most likely begun to fail. Depending on the specific type of window, you may be able to have a glass repair company come out and vacuum them out and reseal them to get them looking clear again. In other cases, however you may need to replace double-paned windows across your entire home to restore their functionality.

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