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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Glass Repair

While homeowners and business owners may look for local glass repair companies the same way, the characteristics they’re looking for are likely different. So, what makes residential glass repair and commercial glass repair different? There are three main things that set commercial glass repair companies apart:

Window Type

While any glass repair business can perform home glass repair services, not all of them can handle commercial needs as well. Commercial windows are typically heavier, stronger, and larger than their residential counterparts. Companies that specialize in commercial glass repair are accustomed to ordering these types of windows from manufacturers. As a result, they can usually get them in stock faster and installed quicker than companies that only do occasional commercial jobs. Professional commercial glass repair companies have the tools and skills needed to transport and install these types of windows to reduce downtime for businesses affected by accidents, weather, or vandalism.


Homeowners just want to know that the company doing glass repair and replacement work on their property will fix anything that gets broken while they’re performing their duties. Many homeowners don’t ask for details about a glass company’s insurance policy because knowing that the company is insured at all is enough for them. Commercial glass repair is entirely different!

Commercial buildings often require that companies performing services (moving, cleaning, repair work, etc.) at their locations carry substantial insurance policies to protect them both in the case of damage and in the case of lost business revenue due to that damage. Glass companies primarily focused on home window repair may not meet the criteria necessary to work on larger glass jobs. However, reputable commercial glass companies will be accustomed to providing this information to assuage the fears of business owners or property managers.


There are many more considerations when completing commercial glass work. For instance, a commercial glass repair will typically include securing public areas like sidewalks and parking lots to protect pedestrians and vehicles from damage as glass work is completed overhead. Furthermore, retail business hours and sensitive business operations may require special accommodations to get work completed in a way that’s satisfactory to owners and managers. A commercial glass company will have the expertise needed to suggest alternative approaches to keep all parties happy.

Additionally, bigger glass companies tend to have the equipment needed to perform commercial glass repairs in-house rather than having to rent or borrow equipment, which means they’re not learning on the job. Instead, they can rely on their expertise to bring professionalism to the job and get it done right the first time.

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