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The Top 4 Reasons Glass Doors Break

If your glass door is broken, there are a few common culprits that could be to blame. Some of them may be obvious, while others will require a bit of sleuthing.

  1. Accident

    It’s a common movie scene – the baseball through the glass window or door. However, most glass door breaks aren’t as a result of something being thrown or hit through the pane.

    Instead, landscaping accidents are the most common cause of broken glass doors residentially and commercially. Rocks and landscaping material being propelled at high speed from lawn mower discharge chutes and weedwhackers are the main culprit of accidents that lead to a broken glass door. When this occurs, the rock or other flying object that hits the window may not be readily identifiable because it usually bounces off, doing its damage and landing back in the yard. If it enters your home or business through the broken door window, however, it will be easy to spot the culprit inside.

  2. Break-In

    During a burglary the easiest way for a thief to get inside is to break a glass door and unlock it from the outside to gain entry. In the wake of a break-in, getting your glass door repaired is of the utmost importance to ensure that valuables inside stay safe. While the cause of a broken glass door is easy to identify in this instance, knowledge of what caused the break does little to assuage worries. Instead, the focus is on getting the door glass replaced quickly. When custom glass needs to be ordered, an emergency board up will need to be performed first until the glass arrives.

  3. Vandalism

    While acts of vandalism are relatively rare for homeowners, storefront owners have to deal with these types of challenges sometimes. Typically, it will be obvious that storefront vandalism has occurred because the damage will be really significant and may span multiple areas – glass doors, storefront windows, and even awnings. If a glass door is smashed or shattered, call a local glass company to get the damage cleaned up and repaired immediately.

  4. Animals

    It might surprise you to learn that birds are rarely the cause of a broken glass door. While they can fly into windows at high speeds, windowpanes are typically resilient enough to withstand a bird strike. Larger animals, however, can be a different story! Dogs, deer, and other hefty animals capable of moving quickly can break through glass doors if they become disoriented or frightened. These types of accidents are usually a mess to clean up and will likely require animal control as well as a professional glass company afterwards.

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