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What Should You Do If Your Canopy Glass Breaks?

Many things can cause a broken glass canopy – an object dropped from above (like a paint can or piece of window washing equipment), a bird flying into the glass, or vandalism. However, regardless of the reason, a glass canopy break is cause for serious concern. Even if it just looks like a small crack, a damaged glass canopy pane can come loose and fall on people or vehicles passing by below. Any damage to the glass itself, the metal frame, or support beams should be addressed right away using these steps:

  1. Block Off the Area Below

    Use cones, ropes, or stanchions with signs to inform people not to walk underneath. Divert traffic to keep vehicles out from underneath the canopy as well. Fewer people passing under the canopy reduces the likelihood of injury.

  2. Have Glass Evaluated

    glass repair company can determine the extent of the damage that has been done. They will recommend whether the glass should be repaired or replaced to keep the area safe. If an emergency board up is needed or a segment of the canopy should be removed, they can get the work done quickly to keep your business running smoothly and result in minimal interruption.

  3. Get Repair Work Done

    Glass canopy repair is a specialized skill that not every glass company has. Some may not be qualified to do this kind of delicate precision glass work. When looking for a local glass repair company, make sure you specify the nature of the job so that you won’t waste your time bringing a company out that does not have the experience needed to do this kind of glass work. The right company will get your custom glass ordered right away and install it efficiently to get your business façade back to normal in no time!

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