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What Should You Do When Your Storefront Has Been Vandalized?

Every year vandalism costs businesses millions of dollars in clean up costs and lost productivity. So, if your storefront has been vandalized, follow these steps to get back up and running:

Document the Damage

Before doing anything else, take pictures of the damage to thoroughly document what was ruined, broken, or defaced. For graffiti and other non-dangerous business damage, the clean-up can start soon after to get the business back to normal. However, broken storefront windows, doors, merchandise, and other dangerous conditions may need further consideration before being repaired.

Verify Insurance Coverage

Notifying your insurance company and reviewing your policy will provide helpful information about which conditions need to be met for a full pay out. Some insurance companies may have a preferred list of restoration providers, however most will let you select your own glass repair company and simply require certain documents be submitted to provide coverage.

Get Quotes to have Damage Repaired

Contact local glass companies to get quotes for your vandalization clean up and select the one that provides the best balance between cost and timeliness. Remember that lost time may be the most expensive part of fixing the damage. Go with the company that can get your business back up and running the quickest. Often, a business board up can get employees back to work and customers back in the store safely while replacement glass is ordered. Afterwards, a reputable glass repair company will work with you to find a time that the work can be done to result in minimal business interruptions.

Save Invoices and Receipts

Keep copies of all work invoices and payment receipts to submit to your insurance company. After the claim has been satisfied, retain these on file indefinitely in case your insurance company requires them again at a later date. 

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